Timex - Alarm Clock With 0.7" Red Display

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Product Features

  • 24 Hour Set And Forget Alarm With Auto Repeat And Auto Shutoff
  • Snooze/Repeat Alarm
  • One-Touch Automatic Alarm Reset
  • Wake To Electronic Buzzer Alarm With Normal Or Extra Loud Settings
  • Low Battery Warning Indicator




This Timex T121B Alarm Clock With 0.7 Red Display has a sleek design which makes it look great on any night stand. There is a twenty-four hour set and forget alarm with auto-repeat and auto-shutoff. This extra loud alarm wakes even the soundest sleeper but has the capability to be set to a graduated wake-up alarm sound. The 0.7 inch LED display screen is easy to read with LED indicators for PM, alarm set, and low battery warning.

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