About Us

Smartloop Electronics and Accessories is dedicated to provide the Best Electronics in Canada. The company was established in 2019 by Daine Jennings along with his wife Zeneta with a single store and a staff of two in Regina Saskatchewan.

In addition to our retail operations, Smartloop Electronics and accessories  also ship products all across Canada and internationally via purchases made on this website.

Smartloop Electronics and accessories is a  tech-focused retailer in Canada, with a global reach in Europe, South America, Asia Pacific and the Middle East. the company offers its Customer a comprehensive selection of consumer electronics, entertainment, smart home and gaming products.

We offers competitive pricing on its unparalleled product selection, with a firm commitment to on-time order fulfillment. We empower customers to make the best purchasing decisions by offering detailed product information, 

Customer satisfaction is our top priority, achieved by delivering superior service with our ever-present philosophy of putting the customer first.

we are located at 

988 Albert Street,

Regina, Saskatchewan


Phone 1306-559-7577