Smart Wi-Fi door lock

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      Smart Wi-Fi door lock

  • A whole new level of security and convenience: never worry about lost, stolen or forgotten keys again
  • Multiple ways to unlock your door: mechanical key, digital key, through the app or voice control
  • Smart home ready: use voice commands to remotely lock or unlock your front door
  • Know what’s happening: get alerts every time someone enters or leaves your home
  • Monitor past lock activity: check if the kids arrived home on time
  • Autolock: set the smart deadbolt to automatically lock your door on your way out
  • Easy management: check the status of the deadbolt and access activity records/logs, including wrong passcode attempts in real time
  • Unique passcodes: generates timed, permanent, one-time or customized PINs and share them with guests, friends, housekeepers or service personnel
  • Create automation scenes: enables the control of multiple smart devices with just a tap
  • USB powered backup: unlock your smart door lock using a power bank when it runs out of power

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