Naztech MagBuddy Wireless Charger Desk Mount (Rose Gold)

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  • Made for Qi-Enabled Devices
  • Up to 10W of Output Power
  • Adaptive Wireless Charging Technology
  • Charges through Phone Cases
  • Foreign Object Detection
  • 360° Swivel Ball Technology
  • Short-Circuit and Overcharge Protection
  • Includes Wall Charger & USB Type-C Cable
No need to struggle to aim plugs into tiny ports or wrestle with tangled charging cables with the rose gold Naztech MagBuddy Wireless Charger Desk Mount. Charging automatically begins when your place your Qi-enabled device on the charging pad. Whether your device is Apple or Android, Naztech's adaptive wireless charging technology instantly delivers up to 10W of power. There is no need to remove your device from its case as this charger is designed to work through most protective cases up to 0.01" thick.


With foreign object detection, this charger automatically shuts off its power and alerts you if it detects any metal objects on or near the charging surface to avoid hazardous overheating. This charger also comes with built-in OmniProtect safety features, which automatically regulate the power output to protect the charger and your device from issues like short-circuit, overcharge, and more. In addition, the included wall charger and USB Type-C cable are optimized for adaptive fast charge technology, so you can achieve the best wireless charging speeds.

    • The OmniProtect safety feature includes input over-voltage protection, overcurrent protection, short-circuit protection, battery cell protection, and overcharge protection. There's also temperature resistance, power overload recovery, output current stabilizer, and an automatic reset feature if any mechanism stops working.

    • Instantly adjust between the standard 5W, the iPhone-specific 7.5W, and the Android-specific 10W output.

    • This charger is designed to work with Qi-enabled devices such as the iPhone X, Samsung Galaxy S9+, and the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. This charger will also power devices equipped with a Qi-enabled receiver.

  • Tilt to any viewing angle thanks to this mount's 360° swivel ball technology.

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