Mercury case Anti-yellow Jelly Samsung Galaxy S20+

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Manufacturer: Mercury 

Compatible with: Samsung Galaxy S20+ (G985)

Mercury is Premium quality mobile accessories manufacturer from Korea which use only patented materials and technologies. Mercury products distinguished by a stylish design solutions and premium quality development

High-quality slim and durable TPU silicone-plastic phone case - a case made of ultra-transparent material with "anti-yellow aging" meaning that the case will remain transparent for a long time and will not remain yellow. These wallets are made of extremely durable TPU material that provides both a high level of phone protection and a long life.

More Info here: http://www.mercurykorea.com/project/clear-jelly-case/

Cases advatages:

  • Ever lasting clarity - it has the maximum level clarity by using the highest Technology to implementing anti yellow aging.
  • Practical design - By adding small micro dots inside the case eliminates the smudging and water marks.
  • Softer the tougher - TPU jelly is soft enough to give pleasant feeling inj your hand but also give maximum protection.
  • Perfect fit with your device - Perfectly fitted by the device measurements to perfect water from reaching the buttons whn water is penetrated and soft jelly provides ultimate feels for buttons.

Shape and size of this mobile phone case in Photo is just for information as example. real shame and cut outs perfectly fit to mobile phone model which is listed in this description.

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