Mercury Blue Moon Diary PU Leather Wallet Case Black For S20 Plus

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Keep the basic design 
Perfect design means "There is nothing else to take out from design"
Blue Moon Diary was created to keep the original phone design 
The design will last forever ,and it will also make your smartphone shine among other.
It will not thicken even though 
pockets are completely filled .
Replace the wallet with Bluemoon Diary.
After credit card, Identification card , Business card , and money will not thicken the case .
With precise stitching finish makes it even more perfect .
bluemoon_diary_cover_s6_detail_eng -  (5)bluemoon_diary_cover_s6_detail_eng -  (4)
s-l1600 (3)s-l1600 (4)
Smartphone functions as is 
By the brand of smartphone , cut out for camera , speaker , and power buttons are 
perfectly measured so that it won't tamper with originality of the smartphone .
s-l1600 (2)

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