Invidyo World's Smartest Video Baby Monitor with Crib Mount

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Invidyo is the first smart child monitor that uses Artificial Intelligence to make parenting easier. Invidyo utilizes face recognition technology to identify the members of your family and send you alerts whenever an unrecognized person is seen. Invidyo also records a snapshot whenever your child smiles and generates 'smile albums' allowing you to cherish your child's happy moments for years. Invidyo compiles the most important moments in your child's day into a 2 minute daily highlights clip using facial detection, allowing parents to catch up with the most important events of the day in 2 minutes.

With customizable smart alerts, parents will be instantly notified on their smart phone when there is a potential issue, such as loud sound, crying, motion, unrecognized face, and high temperature, regardless if they are in the next room, down the street or at work. View high-definition video on the app or from your secure web portal from the 1080P, wide angle camera to monitor your child anytime. The camera also has Pan & Tilt capability to follow your child through their travels. Two-way audio allows the parent to listen and talk to their child, or play a lullaby from the app. The camera connects via home Wi-Fi or Ethernet.

  • Smart daily highlights video is a fast & easy way for you to see the most important events of your child's day
  • Face Recognition - invidyo can send mobile notifications when your kids come home or when unrecognized people are detected.
  • A.I Based Smile Detection - A lovely feature that captures all happy and smiling moments of your baby and saves them into your private 'Smile Photo Album'.
  • Crying Detection & Smart Alarms - provide instant notification if there is a problem.
  • Secure Streaming and Storage - Videos are stored and sent to your mobile with bank level security and recordings are encrypted

  • Expanded assortment available online. This product is not available in our stores.

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