11 in 1 Smartphone Camera Lens Kit

Color: BLACK
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Its an 11 In 1 Smartphone Lens And Photography Selfie B 

Everything you need for enhanced pictures using your smartphone is in this bundle. A $ 220.00 value if bought separately. With this bundle, you will be able to zoom 8X to bring your subject closer with clarity and focus, can use a selfie stick to take a group pictures with remote control and take:

  • Remote selfie pictures,
  • Selfie light takes perfect pictures at night every time.
  • Close up macro pictures.
  • Wide-angle pictures.

Fisheye lens included in the bundle as well.

    Clips right on your Smartphone compatible with all iPhone, Samsung.Comes with a carrying case. You will get

    • 1 X 3 in 1 lens set- Wide-angle, Macro and Fish Eye lens with clip.
    • 1 X 8x Zoom Lens with Clip.
    • 1 X Selfie light that will fill in the dark spots.
    • Mini Tripod to use for remote control picture taking. 
    • Mini Bluetooth Remote Control.
    • Selfie Stick extent ab to 30 inches.
    • 2 X clip for the lens to hold on the Smartphone. 
    • 1 X carrying case for lens and accessory.  

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