Classic Mini Game Console, 621 Different Classic Games, HDMI Connection

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  • Get ready to take a trip down memory lane with the Old Arcade Retro Classic Game Console! With over 800 preloaded games, including your old favorites, you'll never run out of options. Plus, the ability to save game play and download new games makes this system a must-have for any retro gaming enthusiast.
  • Preloaded with the 621 games shown on the packaging plus over 150 bonus games. Includes many of your favorite classic retro games. Easily connects with the provided HDMI cable. Please scroll down to the product guide section of this listing to view a pdf of games that have been pre-loaded.
  • Games are organized on the main menu by category type for easy surfing and selection. User folder provided for the games you download.
  • Experience gaming as it evolved in the early years of gaming. Graphics and game play is from that time and a little rougher then what you are used to in today's world and thus very challenging. While the graphics of the original 80’s and 90’s games have its limits and can appear glitchy the HDMI cable and modern TV’s do improve the overall quality of the graphics.
  • No battery required. Push Select and start at same time with number 1 controller to activate save menu
  • Our Old Arcade Video Game Console is the perfect choice for gamers looking for a classic gaming experience. With its unbeatable value, this console is the perfect way to recapture the nostalgia of classic gaming.
  • Look for our bundle deal on this listing to bundle and save
  • Game list can be found by scrolling down this listing and looking for the user guide pdf approximately a third of the way down the listing.

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