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Bluetooth, Stream music wirelessly Sound Therapy 15 soothing sounds: air, focus, quiet, drive, breathing guide, zen, dream, peace, meditation, trance, ocean, storm, river, nature, chimes 4-7-8 Breathing Features a soothing guide to help slow breath, lower heart rate, and calm body and mind Calming Meditation Frequencies mimicking delta brainwaves and relaxed breath patterns can help coax our minds and bodies into a deep meditative state 4 Color Modes Nightlight, glow, favorite color, and pulse- to-music LED Color Blending Full-spectrum color changing modes to enhance any mood Carry Strap For convenient portability Rechargeable Up to 7 hours of audio

Features and details

  • Bluetooth: Wireless Audio Streaming, Enjoy Your Favorite Tunes
  • Sound Therapy: 15 soothing sounds: Air, Focus, Quiet, Drive, Breathing Guide, Zen, Dream, Peace, Meditation, Trance, Ocean, Storm, River, Nature, Chimes
  • Calming Meditation Frequencies mimicking Delta Brainwaves and Relaxed Breath Patterns can help coax our Minds and Bodies into a Deep Meditative State
  • 4-7-8 Breathing Features: A Soothing Guide to help Slow Breath, Lower Heart Rate, and Calm Body and Mind
  • 4 Color Modes Nightlight, Glow, Favorite color, and Pulse-to-Music LED Color Blending Full-spectrum color Changing Modes to enhance any Mood

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