High quality X9S game console with 999 games

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1,Support for the top ten simulators, PS1, GBA, SFC, MD, NES, GB, GBC, CPS1 CPS2, GG (gba format) SMS (gba format), play more fun.
2,5.1 inches LCD high-definition display with high color reductivity has better visual effect and better game experience effect.
3,Support TV output/MP5 player/movie/image browse/ebook/recorder funcation, high-definition picture quality transmission, connect the game to the TV, and find the happy game time of childhood.
4,Built-in arcade chip, comes with double rocker, long battery life, support for 8-bit 16-bit 32-bit 64-bit games, some support 128-bit games.
5,Today's children, the talent for playing games is so powerful. This retro game console will satisfy their fantasy of handheld game consoles. The five-year-old child has no problems operating. Let you relive the happy game time!

Product size: 195 X 85 X 15MM/7.68*3.35*0.59inch

Bare metal: 190G

Capacity: 1500 mAh

Number of games: Built-in more than 999

games, with partial repetition

Download format: ZIP GBA NES BIN GBC GB Arcade

Download method: connect to computer download

Exquisite appearance: high-grade plastic over UV oil shell

Photo camera: support camera, video, a few W games for you to play

TV output: support TV output, play games on TV, watch movies

New function: support PC Camera, connect to computer can be used as computer camera

True color screen: 5.1 inch HD screen (with lens)

Video playback: no conversion, support full format playback such as RM/RM/VB/AV/I/FL/V

Multitasking: multi-threaded task mode, watching e-books while listening to music

Music playback: support MP3/WM/A/OGG/AAC/WA/V support APE/FLAC dual lossless music

Stereo sound effects: high-fidelity stereo speakers, hardware upgrades, small volume issues have been fully resolved

Memory expansion: support 128M to 32GBTF card expansion

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