Bitdefender box 2, Smart cyber security hub.

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The Bitdefender BOX protects all of your devices connected to the Internet, including your home computers. Plug it into your router to secure smart phones and tablets, smart TVs and all your other home appliances and gadgets, like Wi-Fi thermostats, gaming consoles, laptops, and even your baby monitor.

The BOX includes also includes a 1 year subscription to the BOX Service, and 1 year subscription to Bitdefender Total Security Unlimited, which protects an unlimited number of your devices.

Manage your network while you're at home or on the go from our Bitdefender Central iOS/Android app - requires a 4G/3G data connection and either iOS 9 (or higher) or Android 4.4 (or newer).

You must have the app to set up the BOX. It's compatible with most out of the box personal routers (not including ISP provided routers). Before buying, please make sure that your router can be configured to AP mode (or Access Point mode) or Bridge mode otherwise BOX will not be compatible. In rare instances, some users with premium routers may experience a loss in select non-essential router features. Bitdefender BOX is not currently compatible Wi-Fi extenders and with Mesh router systems including Google Wi-Fi. Please note, Bitdefender Total Security (included with BOX) must be installed on associated devices to use the Enhanced Parental Control feature and Parental Control Monitoring.

Bitdefender BOX
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"If you want every imaginable security component in a single well-integrated package, plus a wealth of useful bonus features and cross-platform protection, Bitdefender' what you need." - PC Mag, July 2019

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"Superior Protection, Low Performance Impact"- Tom's Guide, June 2019

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"Bitdefender has been delivering outstanding products that fight online threats with the highest level of effectiveness and are user-friendly and light on resources..." - AV-Comparatives, June 2019

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Modern UI, Light on Resources

"Private users are getting a highly-secure product, which hardly slows down PC resources at all in its daily routines"- Maik Morgenstern, CTO AV-TEST GmbH, April 2019

Bitdefender BOX
Bitdefender BOX
setup and manage bitdefender box from your phone

Features & details

  • Bitdefender BOX 2 plugs into your (Non-Mesh/Non-Google Wi-Fi) router and protects an unlimited number of Wi-Fi and internet connected devices using Total Security 2020 Unlimited, our full-featured, cross-platform network security suite that ensures all of your Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and IoT devices are protected. One-year of Total Security Unlimited is included with your Bitdefender BOX 2.
  • NEW: Microphone Monitor – know and alerts when apps have access; Anti-tracker – view and manage which sites can collect your data. IMPROVED: Parental Controls -- signals suspicious interactions involving your child on social networks, safeguard their internet browsing and pause individual devices to manage screen time; Safe Online Banking – a unique, dedicated browser secures your transactions; Wi-Fi Security Advisor – access the security of your Wi-Fi network and router from anywhere.
  • Bitdefender BOX 2 automatically detects and optimizes all your devices during the first 48-hour post-install window. During this period, your network may slow down. Once complete, experience a fully protected network with speeds up to 1 Gbps thanks to the 1.2 GHz Dual Core processor and dual 1 Gbps ethernet ports.
  • Prior to purchase, ensure that your router can be configured to AP (Access Point) or Bridge Mode otherwise Bitdefender BOX 2 may experience compatibility issues. Bitdefender BOX 2 includes complimentary unlimited support and product setup help as well as continuous updates to the latest security technology, so you don’t have to worry about being up-to-date, you always are.
  • SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: Broadband Internet Connection (Cable/DSL/UTP), 3G/4G data connection, iOS 10 or higher/Android 4.4 or higher. Please note: a mobile device is required to set up and monitor Bitdefender BOX.

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